Start meaningful conversations with qualified candidates where they’re most engaged – their smartphone.

Text recruitment is a powerful tool.

Only 14% of the workforce is actively looking for a job, but 73% are open to receiving new job opportunities via text message. To reach them, you need a tool that’s easy to use and effectively engages with these candidates – that’s where Nexxt’s Text2HireTM Conversation come in.

Benefits of Text2Hire Conversation include:


Access to 8+ million opted-in members

personalized messages

Maximum potential for engagement with personalized messages


Measurable success with quick reporting tool

real-time candidate interaction

Immediate impact with real-time candidate interaction

central desktop

Central desktop that allows for easy communication with hundreds of candidates

Text2Hire Conversation

Notable brands that use Text2Hire Conversation:

Companies using Text2Hire ConversationCompanies using Text2Hire ConversationCompanies using Text2Hire Conversation

Text2Hire Conversation Success Story

Here’s how one leading company turned a single text campaign into 5 new hires.*

*Results from a KRT Marketing healthcare client’s text recruitment campaign.

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