Get your message in front of qualified candidates where they’re most engaged – their smartphone.

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Text recruitment is a powerful tool.

Reach high-quality candidates who may not find your job opening or career event on their own. In fact, text has an impressive 97% open rate, making it an effective way to reach the candidates you want, in the way they want.

Here’s what makes Text2Hire Blast so effective:


24-hour campaign turnaround time


Robust features including auto response, voicemail options and localized phone numbers

Access to over 10 million opted-in candidates

Immediate candidate engagement to promote your open position or hiring event

No need to man a desktop to handle two-way conversations

Notable brands that use Text2Hire Blast:

Companies using Text2Hire BlastCompanies using Text2Hire BlastCompanies using Text2Hire Blast

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With Text2Hire Blast, you can get your job posting or hiring event message in front of a qualified audience – and quickly.