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This free guide will explain how segmenting your candidates will improve your job ads and lead to more desirable applicants

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Quality trumps quantity in all things recruitment. Especially when it comes to attracting the talent you need from job advertisements. Good job ads gain attention, but great ones convert. So how can you improve your applicant-to-hire ratio? It begins with the recruitment messaging. Download our guide and start turning job seekers into quality job applicants.


Identify your targeted talent pool


Analyze job seeker and applicant data to understand your audience


Reposition job advertisement messaging to attract ideal candidates


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We've also included:

  • 6 candidate metrics you don't want to overlook
  • 5 components every job advertisement needs
  • 4-step process to easily implement these practices
  • 1 excellent example from a leading company

It's time your job advertisements return quality results.

Download our candidate segmentation guide today to refocus your messaging on what truly attracts talent.