Email Marketing

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Boost your job ads, your recruitment brand, and your applies with targeted email marketing. Nexxt can help you build custom campaigns with your branding, message, and goals in mind. In other words, it’s your arrow – we just take care of the aim.

Email Marketing

With over 100 million registered members who provide us with valuable information about their professional lives, we use these details to target all the right people with your email messages.

Targeted Emails that Get Opened, Get Read, and Get Results

Engage with qualified candidates with Nexxt’s Dedicated and Drip campaign options.

Dedicated Email Campaign

Dedicated Email Campaign

  • One-time send targeting a niche audience of qualified candidates to make a large number of hires at once
  • Create brand awareness
Drip Email Campaign

Drip Email Campaign

  • Deliver three email messages to optimize your campaign performance
  • Second and third email sends to candidates who have yet to open your previous message(s)
  • Customizable subject lines for additional sends

Notable brands that use Email Marketing

AldiFedEx GroundAllstateFrensenius Kidney Care

Mayo ClinicCapital OneAaron'sMeijer